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Hi, I'm Dyneisha (DIE-KNEE-SH-A) Gross (Yup, it's exactly what you're thinking) 

I'm a Graphic Designer who loves to tell stories, spark conversations, and solve problems starting with paper and a good writing utensil.

My punchy and colorful work resembles my bubbly and outgoing personality. My passions include

Surface Design, Branding, UX/UI, Handlettering,

Social Design, and Publication.


Learn more about my skills and experience in my resume or below


Personal Branding 2019-2020-17.png
Personal Branding 2019-2020-18.png

Adobe Creative Suite


After Effects

Microsoft Office

Standard HTML & CSS


2020 Graphic Design Fellowship, Patagonia, CA

Graphic Design Students To Watch, GDUSA 2020

American Packaging Design Award, GDUSA 2020

Personal Branding 2019-2020-19.png

2020 VoteLanc, YWCA & Lanc County Community Foundation  

Vote Campaign 2020, NARAL Pro-Choice America HQ

2019 San Fran Pride, NARAL California

ExtraGive 2018, PCA&D and Lancaster County

Coloring Book, SquareOne Coffee

Store Surface Design, Vote America

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